General Assembly 2024

mandag, 4. marts klokken 17:30
4. marts kl. 17:30 til 22:00

The Danish Brewers' Guild hereby invites all members for our Annual General Meeting (AGM), venue Restaurant Allegade 10, 2000 Frederiksberg.

After the AGM the DBF hosts a dinner with a selection of beers. We encourage all members to participate.  Registration is free of charge.


AGENDA for the Annual General Meeting:

Election of chairman (dirigent) of the meeting.

  1. Report about the Guild’s activities in the past year.
  2. Presentation of the revised accounts of the past year for approval and determination of the subscription fee for year 2024.
  3. Any proposals from the board or members.
    The Board proposes that our past chairman Leif Typkjær is appointed Honorary Member of the DBF according to our statutes § 4 stk. 3.
    The Board furthermore proposes changes of our statutes for the DBF and for the DBSA, see the two enclosed files.
    If the proposal for statute changes receives approval at our AGM, the DBF will - according to our current statutes, call for an extra ordinary AGM Monday 18th March 2024. This extraordinary AGM will be conducted as an online meeting.
  4. Election of board members according to our statutes  § 10.
    Board members Kim L. Johansen and Morten Ibsen have both wished to resign.
    The Board proposes as new Board members:
    Nina Lassen Simony, Department Manager, NIRAS.
    Anders Nielsen, Senior Bioprocess Engineer, Novonesis / Christian Hansen
  5. Election of Auditors
  6. Any other Business


On behalf of the DBF Board