New members in the Guild get approved after the following criteria:

A)  Persons with education as Diploma Master Brewer, Diploma Brewery Engineer or Diplombrygger from the Scandinavian School
     of Brewing, Copenhagen University or similar educations.  A - members are entitled to lifelong membership.

B) Persons employed in the beverage industry or related industry, who after the assessment of the board are considered qualified
     for membership. B - members must leave, if they no longer are employed in the beverage industry.

C)  Brewing engineer students at Copenhagen University (KU Science) or Danish Technical University (DTU) registered for the 
      M.Sc. specialisation in Brewing Scinece and Technology.   These members have no voting right and must leave or become 
      A - members, when graduated, latest 2 years after graduation.

Membership costs DKK 625 per year for A - and B - members, C - members are free.