• fredag, 17. november 2023

The 29th Nordic Technical Meeting 2024

On behalf of the Brewers associations in the Nordic countries, The Danish Brewers´ Guild is both happy and proud finally to be able to invite you to the 29th Nordic Technical Meeting in Copenhagen on May 15th & 16th, 2024.

The theme for the 29th Meeting is:

“Moderation - Development - Sustainability”
Brewing beer and beyond beer while being moderate and sustainable in your development

Both small, medium, and large breweries as well as suppliers are facing the increasing trend of Moderation from the consumers and the expectations to continue to improve sustainability, not just on CO2 emissions. This challenges the development in the breweries and even pushes the boundaries beyond beer.

We have been busy trying to set up an interesting and relevant program, but also allowing time for social interactions, technical discussions, brewery visit and interesting beer tastings!

Meeting highlights:

  • Multiple relevant presentations about development, trends, growth and sustainable brewing from raw materials to the handling of byproducts & waste.
  • Pitches on new technologies/applications
  • Discussions and product presentations with relevant suppliers in between presentations
  • Visit to brewery
  • Brewers Dinner in Copenhagen


Registrations is open now!